Photography is our life

Hi! We are Natashia & Koy Smith, thanks for stopping by. Let's get to know each other. We are a husband and wife team of five amazing children.  We have  been married for 23 years and are High School Sweethearts. We were always taking pictures & making videos of our children & family. Photography of our family has been the best investment of memories we could have ever given our children. We always take time to look back at photos/videos & laugh & smile. Had it not been for the love we had to cherish these moments through videos & photos there would only be mental images of those great moments in time. The love we developed taking photos of our family inspired us to step outside the box to create Belle Touché Photography. Belle Touché Photography is a business made out of love for capturing beautiful moments in life, love & family through photography. The name "Belle Touché ", means "Beautiful Touch". Life is constantly changing. We are constantly moving, & doing things that require time to be still. Our focus is to capture those moments in life that may only be captured through photography with a "Beautiful Touch" through the lens of a cameraLet's start making new memories today with a "Beautiful Touch". Your beauty, our touch, one team creating beautiful memories.

Belle Touché Photography 

What our customers are saying

Very professional & accomadating!!! My pictures were beautiful and she was very creative and fun to work with!!!!!